Bar-B-Que Beast

Your Exceptional Taste in BBQ Sauce Just Met Bar-B-QUE Beast

Beast Story


Bar-B-Que Beast, LLC was founded on the creation of an exceptional BBQ sauce. Our Beast Sauce is made from scratch using quality ingredients and produced in small batches to ensure a consistent flavor. This sauce has a taste all its’ own, sweet from the start with a kick on the way down. Great on the grill, yet just as good as a stand-alone sauce over your favorite foods.

Many customers have asked why we got into the sauce business and how the "Beast" got its’ name. Bar-B-Que Beast Sauce was actually created approximately 20 years ago on a military base in Stuttgart, Germany (Headquarters EUCOM). As a member of the US Air Force stationed abroad, I missed a traditional BBQ sauce. I decided to make my own, as all I had available was the generic bottled sauces at the commissary. And so it began, one attempt after another, trying to perfect a sauce I remembered from the States. Since the sauce could be used on any meat, the “beast” image is not “meat” specific; rather it is just a character of pulled BBQ meat. Hence, the sandwich the beast is holding can be beef, chicken, pork, or a burger.   So, choose your Beast! It loves beef, poultry, pork and seafood!!!

When Tara tasted the sauce for the first time, she demanded to know where I bought it.  When I told her it is homemade from my own recipe, she told me we have to share this sauce with everyone!  And THE BEAST was born!!!

Ann Raresheid

Tara Runkles

Creator and Co-founders of Bar-B-Que Beast, LLC